Enhanced Cornonavirus
Hygiene Operations

As part of the #SunshineSupport programme launched by Ergoline UK and Ireland during the pandemic, we have developed echo – a series of support materials and products to help ensure your staff and your customers can see and experience your commitment to enhanced coronavirus hygiene operations helping make your salon COVID-19 Secure.

As you look to re-open your salon and indeed once re-opened, you will need to be able to demonstrate you have the required social distancing and hygiene protocols in place to minimise the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Elements of these requirements are mandatory but extremely importantly, they will help reassure your staff and customers that they can work and tan with confidence in your salon.

Take a look through the range of options we have put together for you and whatever you decide upon, we are confident you will hear again and again, the advantages of your commitment to echo.

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A one-hit kit for your salon re-opening

echo Kitecho Kit
echo Kit
included; Confidence Pack:
  • Social distancing floor
    stickers x 3
  • Solarfix Sunbed Sanitiser
    1 x 150ml bottle (concentrate)
  • Sanitiser Spray Bottle x 2
  • Sunbed Sanitised Acrylic Sign x 4
  • Wink-Ease Classic Disposable Eye
    Protection 1 x roll of 250 pairs
  • Wink-Ease Counter Mat x 1
  • Nose Plug Filters x 50 pairs
  • PPE Disposable Masks
    (high quality) x 50

Display with pride the visual evidence of the echo protocols in your salon, boosting staff, customer and potential customer confidence.

included; Marketing Pack:
  • echo A5 window decal x 1
  • echo ‘We Are Open’ A2
    salon window poster x 1
  • echo Customer Information
    posters for throughout
    the salon 1 x A3 and 5 x A4
  • echo Customer information
    leaflets x 100
  • echo Social Media memes
    and posts x 5
  • echo Salon Risk Assessment
We can't find products matching the selection.


We can't find products matching the selection.




your salon air with

Introducing a range of highly effective and safe UVC pathogen and air purifying systems using patented UV Pathogen Elimination (UVPE) technology to suit all salon environments. If you want to improve the air quality in your salon, neutralising 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria, it’s clear you are having pure thoughts.

Unlike other air-filtering and air-purifying systems, pure cleans and disinfects air without chemicals, hazardous waste or ozone depletion. pure literally eliminates pathogens. Minimal energy consumption with an average lamp replacement requirement of once per annum.

The pure system required will depend on your salon’s cubic air flow capacity and we can help you calculate the most appropriate option for your salon. From pure Steribase 300, a plug in and go unit for the salon reception area, to pure Basictube 800 which sits in with an existing ventilation system.

The patented technology in pure offers you an extremely effective way to minimise staff and customer concerns about the risk of virus spreading in your salon.

pure air purifiers can be purchased or leased. For monthly payments and further information please contact:
Team Ergoline (+44) 020 8498 7283 or